The specialized center of planting hair and beauty through the use of the latest methods in the world and using the most modern medical equipment with a license from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education of the medical university after more than 10 years of brilliant experience in other branches, This time in the city of Mashhad, the readiness of beauty and rejuvenation services is bestowed upon you by your compatriots. With the help of the most experienced natural hair transplant practitioners and practitioners, this center strives to increase your self-esteem and beauty in a calm and sincere environment. The Sustainable Engineering Center wishes you a freshness and a lasting beauty, and a life full of success and happiness for your loved ones and compatriots

Bandarabbas : daneshgah Blv +987333683931

Shiraz : satarkhan Blv +987136429991

Kuwait : Fahad alsalem Blv +96522240246

Baghdad : almansour Blv +9647728650551

Clinic services

1- Specialized hair extensions, eyebrows, beard and sibil (HAIR PLANT)

2. Hair restoration and skin rejuvenation by stem cells (PRP)


4- Gel injections and Botox injections

5- Treating skin diseases with the latest medical technologies in the world

6. Removing excess fat and excess abdominal, flank, thigh and arms

7- Performing mesotherapy, cryotherapy, knee treatment and …

8. Removing skin appendages (Gout, Zigzag, Skin Tag and …)

9. Treatment of blackness and peeling around the eyes

10- Consultation of blepharoplasty, abdominoplasty, mammaplasty,

Mastoid Pixie, Rino Lute and Prosthetic Planting.