Fat Injection

Fat Injection:

The transfer of fat from some body volumes is required to scale and highlight areas. This action is done to correct and eliminate deep facial wrinkles, wrinkles and rejuvenation of the hands. Each person can take advantage of this practice over his lifetime and has no age limit. Blind facial in some people is due to reduced fat under the skin. As the age rises, the lipid-lowering of the face decreases, resulting in increased skin tightness and wrinkles, so pulling and raising the skin does not cause general rejuvenation. Sometimes tightening the skin will not make it younger, but it will make it younger. The parts of the facial skin that reduce volume, such as species, under the eyes, the laughing lines, the fields, the thinning of the lips and even the back of the hands can be injected into the target area by injecting the fat from the individual itself. Fill and reduce volume reduction. Do you know that you can fill or bulk your face or back without adding weight.

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