Treatment for hair loss with PPP
Platelet-rich plasma, often called PPP, is a blood-coagulated plasma (which is about five times that of plaque in the normal circulation). Apart from red blood cells and white blood cells, our blood contains well-known cells called platelets. The function of the platelets is to accelerate the recovery and help to clot in the wound. Platelets contain growth factors that promote cellular regeneration in the body. The best and most effective treatment for hereditary and sudden hair loss is treatment with PRP. Because the plasma and platelets are in their blood, they are isolated and injected. It does not have any effects on the person, but it strengthens the root of the hair and also increases the thickness of the hair. Therefore, it causes hair loss. Using PPP to treat hair loss, which has the potential to change the way it is treated, has revolutionized hair loss treatment worldwide. Blood plate preparation Blood is the secret of the body’s ability to heal wounds. The idea behind PPP treatment is that tissue healing will be accelerated by increasing the number of platelets in a wounded area. Platelet-rich plasma plasma therapy is a technique used to improve the body from the body’s own blood. Doctors use this technique for hair growth, hair transplantation, and wound healing. Many patients have benefited from this type of treatment.
PRP Face: To eliminate skin patches, replace the face and face brightening. PRP treatment is very effective. Plasma and platelets are injected from the individual’s blood to the required areas and make the skin look good.

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